If you would like to report a suspected breach of any governance, ethics or integrity regulations or provisions of the FIS, you can use the form below to report details, email fis@integrityunit.com or call +44(0) 207 034 3403 to leave a confidential message.

Any material reported will be treated in strict confidence. The information will be seen by Global Sports Investigations only and will be used solely for the investigation and follow-up related to any integrity issues reported. Your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the Global Sports Investigations professionals responsible for following up on your report, unless you provide explicit consent for it to be disclosed to someone else.

We encourage you to leave contact details so that complaints can be followed up in consultation with the reporter. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to do so. We will only contact you to discuss the matter reported and not in relation to marketing or anything else at all.

For further details about how we will treat your data, please see the Quest Data Protection Policy.

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We would like to follow up with you on your report. Please provide an email address where we can contact you to follow up on your report – you do not need to leave any other details. If you do not leave any details here, then we will be unable to communicate with you after you submit this report. All information submitted here will be treated entirely confidentially.

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