Baseline Services

Quest offers baseline services as a minimum to all its integrity unit clients. Client organisations are also encouraged to take up additional ancillary services, tailored to each organisation’s needs.

Reporting Hotlines

For its commercial clients, Quest operates a full range of secure and confidential reporting channels, which include a telephone line, message and call-back function, dedicated email account and an encrypted web-form, all with multi-lingual capability available on request. Our staff have decades of integrity experience, covering investigations, legal and regulatory assessment, and are qualified to address issues spanning safeguarding, bullying/harassment, corruption and fraud.

Professional Assessment

Once a report is received, our experts will assess whether there is a case to answer and allocate the matter to the appropriate department within the client organisation, recommend further independent investigation or refer to law enforcement for criminal matters.

Law Enforcement Liaison

Quest offers access and channels of communication to relevant national and international law enforcement authorities wherever deemed appropriate. Liaison capabilities also extend to customs offices and any other regulatory bodies in the context of integrity management or investigations.

How the baseline services of an Integrity Unit work

Areas of focus

Integrity Units powered by Quest come equipped with experts in dealing with a range of integrity issues, with decades of experience in investigating such instances of wrongdoing.


Breaches of governance provisions may involve instances of corruption, bribery, fraud, conflicts of interest or any abuse of power for personal gain.

Safeguarding and Employee Welfare

Welfare of employees should be at the heart of any organisation and as such, our experts are equipped to deal with instances of abuse, harassment, bullying or any related matters, whether it occurs in the context of an office environment or externally.


The safety and security of staff members of an organisation is paramount to any organisation and as such, as part of our integrity unit offering, we cater to clients’ safety and security demands, offering services including close protection, CCTV installation and monitoring, security risk assessments and secure transportation.

Additional Services

Available on request


With its origins as an investigations and intelligence organisation, Quest conducts proactive and intelligence led investigations into any form of wrongdoing, including, corruption, conflicts of interest, internal grievances, fraud, employee crime, abuse, bullying, harassment, and any other such issues. Quest has a highly sensitive, bespoke suite of services which includes surveillance, evidence gathering, covert human intelligence source development, enhanced due diligence and forensic analysis. For more information, see here.

Integrity Risk Assessments

Part of the initial implementation of an independent integrity unit will require a review of relevant policies and procedures to verify that appropriate governance, safeguarding and integrity measures are in place to ensure the integrity of an organisation’s systems and employees. This risk assessment will help to identify vulnerabilities, quantify compliance requirements and create a risk mitigation strategy from the outset, which will be underpinned by robust ongoing monitoring systems.

Integrity Training

Our experts are available to deliver expert training, seminars or other stakeholder engagement sessions in relation to issues such as safeguarding or anti-corruption, which may take the form of an annual address to an Annual General Meeting or tailored sessions with staff.


Quest offers a range of security requirements around important meetings including CCTV security camera installation and monitoring, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures and executive close protection. For more information on our security services, see here.

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Quest has a full service cyber security and digital forensics team, with specialties including computer forensics, mobile forensics, cell-site analysis, information recovery, and penetration testing to identify weaknesses in an organisation’s information technology and cyber security systems. For more information on our cyber security services, see here.

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